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History 100 (Amussen)

Library Research for The Historian's Craft

Using Zotero

The following videos introduce you to Zotero and its functionality.  I have parsed the videos into five parts.  To start familiarizing yourself with Zotero, I recommend the following activities after each segment. I have linked to the videos here or scroll below to see the embedded versions. The complete series will take ~45 minutes to view.  -- Sara

Part 1: Introducing Zotero (5:17)

Part 2: Adding Citations to Zotero (13:08)

  • Activity: Locate two different history databases.  Search in those databases and add a couple of citations from each database into your Zotero account. Use the Zotero connector or the RIS import. 

Part 3: Editing Citations in Zotero; Using Tags & Notes (3:16)

  • Activity: Click on one or more citations in Zotero. Look at the citation data in the right-hand panel fields.  Add or clean-up data as needed. Try adding a Tag and Note to one of your citations.

Part 4: Writing and Citing in Word with Zotero (9:29)

  • Activity: Open Word on your computer.  Locate and load the Zotero tab. Click "Document Preferences" and "Manage Styles" to add Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full) -- or another style. Display citations as Footnotes. Then use Add/Edit Citation to add a couple footnotes.  When completed, click Add/Edit Bibliography to add the associated bibliography. 

Part 5: Using Zotero Web (3:10)

  • Activity: Log into Zotero web and locate your Web Library and the Groups function.

About Zotero


Is an open source citation management tool.

  • a free account includes 300 MB of storage; more storage involves additional cost
  • supports 9,000 + citation styles
  • client and web component; syncing between both
  • allows for collaboration; set up collaboration in web version
  • available for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • project of the Corporation for Digital Scholarship & the Roy Rosenweig Center for History and New Media


UC Merced Library Guide

PART 1: Introducing Zotero (5:18)

PART 2: Adding Citations to Zotero (13:08)

PART 3: Editing Citations in Zotero (3:16)

PART 4: Writing and Citing in Word with Zotero (9:29)

PART 5: Using Zotero Web (3:10)