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GASP 156D / HIST 173 (DePrano)

Ancient Roman Art & Architecture

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Wondering how to access, locate, and use information sources?  This guide will provide information to support your art history research. 

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VIDEO: Find Full-Text of Articles through "Get it at UC"

Discover how to use the Get It at UC button to access the full-text of articles or books whether immediately or through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

"Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies" (3:04)

Review three search strategies that are commonly used in database searches.  Be prepared to explain the purpose of these three strategies.  We will apply these when conducting art historical research.  See Search Techniques for specific art history research examples.

What is a journal and a peer reviewed article? (1:23, NEIU)

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), Ronald Williams Library, 1:22