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GASP 156D / HIST 173 (DePrano)

Ancient Roman Art & Architecture

Scholarly Books

Scholarly books (or monographs)

  • undergo a process of review, often by an editorial team or editor.
  • are evaluated by one or more specialists before publication.
  • are often published by university presses (University of North Carolina Press) or scholarly associations (Royal Society of Chemistry), but may be printed by other reputable presses/publishers/imprints (Wiley-Blackwell, Routledge).
  • will include citations.
  • are written by experts in the field of study.

Scholarly Titles?

  1. Visit this search for "ancient rome" AND (coins OR sculpture) limited to 2010 forward in UC Library Search.
  2. Look at the publisher information.
  3. Do these publishers publish scholarly books? Are these books scholarly?

If you are unsure is a press or organization is academic, you can conduct a Google search for the name of the publisher (e.g. Ashgate), the word about, and may wish to add the word publisher or publishing. Sample Google Search: ashgate about publishing

Scholarly vs. Non-Scholarly

graphic of scholarly and non-scholarly sources

from video "Scholarly vs non-scholarly sources - academic resources Research ready" (1:58) from Southern Cross University Library