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Elevate Your News Evaluation

Visit the library's spring 2017 exhibit on the 2nd floor.

Evaluation Resources

News Evaluation - Resources

These 12 posters on display represent a range of news sources.  However, they are only a small sample of news sources available to us.  Need to learn more about a news source that is unfamiliar to you?  Consider using these resources.

Media Bias Fact Check (MBFC News)

This independent online media outlet classifies news sources into five categories: least biased, left-center bias, right-center bias, left bias and right bias.  At Search Sources, type in a news publication, e.g. CNN, to learn more about its reporting and bias.  MBFC explains how it determines bias in its Methodology section.


This is an interactive news and educational site with a bias rating system intended to help news consumers see and understand different perspectives.  Under News, view a current news topic with reporting from center, left and right leaning news sources.  AllSides also classifies news sources into categories: center, lean left bias, lean right bias, left bias and right bias. AllSides determines its bias ratings through blind surveys, third party data, and community feedback.


Wikipedia provides background information on many news sources.  After finding a Wikipedia entry about a specific source, e.g. The Washington Post, look for sections on the history, political stance or controversies associated with the news source.  It is also helpful to look at the linked references cited at the bottom of the entry.

“About” the Source

A new source’s own site or publication often offers an About section.  Visit this section for information about the publication and the perspective it brings.  Some news sources may be forthcoming about their focus and intent.