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Elevate Your News Evaluation

Visit the library's spring 2017 exhibit on the 2nd floor.


The Challenge Facing Libraries in the Era of Fake News (interview)

BYU Radio host Matt Townsend interviewed Deputy University Librarian Donald Barclay about the challenges libraries are facing in the era of fake news. He addresses questions such as: how do we choose what information to consume in a world where there is essentially limitless information?, can we avoid an ‘echo chamber’ and find objective truth when different sources offer “alternative facts?". He explains how libraries are trying to help people evaluate information for themselves. Listen to the full interview.

Ferreting Out Fake News (Facebook Live Event) Mark Your Calendars

Ferreting out Fake News Facebook Live

Fostering More Accurate Science Coverage: Using Science Expertise to Evaluate Journalism (presentation)

As part of the UC Merced Library's "Evaluate Your News Evaluation" exhibit, we invite you to join us for a talk by Emmanuel Vincent, lead of and project scientist at UC Merced's Center for Climate Communications.  His presentation will address the importance of evaluating science news, common forms of misleading information, findings from the project and strategies for continuing to change our public discourse.

Dr. Emmanuel Vincent
Wednesday, April 5th
3:30 to 4:30 (light refreshments to follow)
KL 232

Background: The public discourse around a subject like climate change is often highly polarized, and news coverage of such a subject can be challenging to interpret. In an endeavor to foster more accurate reporting of climate change, more than 200 scientists from around the world are annotating news articles on climate change and rating them for accuracy and credibility at The goal is to help readers identify trustworthy sources of information and promote critical thinking so we can all better challenge misinformation.

Critically Consuming News - Instructional Strategies (workshop)

Description: This workshop highlights instructional strategies for teaching students to think critically about news sources.  Presenters will share lessons, activities and resources used in the classroom to engage students in understanding and evaluating news.  

Presenters: Sara Davidson Squibb (Library), Jeremy Mumford (MWP) and Angela Winek (MWP)

Monday, April 10th
COB2 – 390
1:00 to 2:00pm

Open to: Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, (Instructional) Staff

Tabling Events - Visit the Exhibit

Stop by the Library’s Be Aware: Elevate Your News Evaluation exhibit at one of our tabling events.  Take a break, share your perspective, increase your news savvy, and pick up an afternoon snack all in a few minutes.  Visit our three information stations to share your favorite news sources, highlight strategies for evaluating news, and discover quick sites for information on news sources.

Each event will be held at the Be Aware: Evaluate Your News Evaluation exhibit, near the Library’s 2nd floor book stacks.

Tabling Event: Tuesday, April 25

2:00 to 3:30pm

@ News Evaluation Exhibit, near Library’s 2nd floor book stacks

Tabling Event: Wednesday, April 26

Noon to 1:30pm

@ News Evaluation Exhibit, near Library’s 2nd floor book stacks