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Elevate Your News Evaluation

Visit the library's spring 2017 exhibit on the 2nd floor.


The UC Merced Library is displaying an exhibit called Be Aware: Elevate Your News Evaluation on the 2nd floor from early March through early April 2017.  The exhibit has both physical and digital components. 

Librarians were inspired to create an exhibit after viewing a graphic on social media that placed news sources on a graph, with both X and Y axes, to show quality and bias.  The legitimacy of news continues to be a hot topic in 2017. As news consumers, the onus is ultimately on us to seek out accurate news reporting and to be aware of multiple perspectives. 

Through the exhibit, we aim to generate conversation about news sources and news evaluation.  We hope our viewers will ...

  • think more deeply about their own evaluation and consumption of news media sources.
  • become increasingly aware of the range of news sources available -- both in quality and perspective.
  • become more knowledgeable about news sources and news types.
  • recognize that different types of news articles often have specific purposes.
  • identify resources to assist them in news evaluation.

This exhibit includes

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