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Spanish 175 (Magaña): Artículos populares y eruditas / Popular & scholarly articles

Spanish in the U.S.

What to Look for in a Scholarly Article

Revistas Populares

Revistas Especializadas


Ejemplo: Artículo erudita


  • This article describes the results of a study (it has a methods section, a results section, & description of how the study was carried out, etc.)
  • There are lots of citations and references to other research
  • Charts and graphs illustrate the findings
  • The article was written by a researcher in this field

Ejemplo: Artículo popular


  • The article tells a story (introducing us to particular people telling us about their lives, etc.)
  • Lack of academic jargon / few references
  • Does not describe a study; rather is telling us about a program
  • No assumption that we already know a large amount about this topic

Directorio de publicaciones seriadas Ulrichsweb Global

Not sure if an article is scholarly or popular?  Ulrichsweb has detailed information on more than 300,000 publications.  Enter journal/magazine title in the search box and find your publication.  Then, look for Academic/Scholarly in the Content Type field.

Try these titles:

  • Scientific American
  • Agronomy for Sustainable Development
  • Time