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UCM Library Annual Asessessment Plan & Report 2012-2013 (Budget Priorities): Goal F: Digital Curation

Version of the Annual Assessment Plan 12-13 with budget priorities called out.

Goal F

The library will provide digital curation services in order to support the research needs and output of UC Merced researchers.


Relevance to campus budget priorities:


Building Critical Research Infrastructure

  • Increasingly, data is the most important output of research across the disciplines. The curation of data throughout the research life cycle--from creation through dissemination through long-term preservation--is a core component of the campus research infrastructure.

Strengthening Interdisciplinary Research

  • The ability to share data across disciplinary lines is key to present-day interdisciplinary research. Data that has not been curated is all but impossible to share.


Addressing Faculty Or Staff Retention Challenges

  • The infrastructure to preserve research data is key to retaining top-notch faculty.


Improving Operational Efficiency Or Effectiveness

  • By serving as the data clearinghouse for the entire campus, the library eliminates redundancy and ensures that data is curated in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Ensuring Compliance with State And Federal Laws And Regulations

  • With federal granting agencies like NSF and NIH requiring data-management plans, data curation ensures compliance with federal regulations.


Outcome F1:

Define policies for archiving, delivering access to, and disseminating locally produced research that is determined to be a university asset or of value for future use. 

Measures: F1, F2, F3

Outcome F2:

Identify and evaluate service offerings available within the UC system or external organizations that may address local needs.

Measures: F1, F3

Outcome F3:

Communicate and implement digital curation services to campus stakeholders.

Measures: F3, F4


Measure F1:

The library will examine and compare collection policies and guidelines for research data from peer institutions in order to develop baselines for future assessment. 

Responsibility: Emily Lin

Measure F2:

Of the electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) submitted by the Graduate Division, 100% of those submitted with signed author agreements will be archived and made accessible according to rights agreement terms. 

Responsibility: Emily Lin

Measure F3:

Conduct follow-up with respondents from 2011 faculty data curation survey who requested more information on data curation services to evaluate current services and propose initiatives. 

Responsibility: Emily Lin

Measure F4:

Assess the use of EZID service by UC Merced researchers.

Responsibility: Emily Lin