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UCM Library Annual Asessessment Plan & Report 2012-2013 (Budget Priorities): Goal E: Work Environment

Version of the Annual Assessment Plan 12-13 with budget priorities called out.

Goal E

The library will maintain a positive work environment for all employees at all levels, providing regular opportunities for both individual and organizational development. 


Relevance to campus budget priorities:


Addressing Faculty or Staff Retention Challenges

  • Staff who perceive their work environment as positive are more likely to continue their employment with the university. Since the cost of recruiting and training new staff is high, retaining productive staff creates significant operational efficiency.


Improving Operational Efficiency Or Effectiveness

  • Staff who are well trained and who get opportunities for professional development are more efficient and effective than staff who are under trained for their jobs or who feel their jobs are dead ends without potential for professional or personal growth.



Outcome E1:

Support effective recruitment, training, and professional development opportunities as key elements in the success of the library.

Measures: E1, E2, E3

Outcome E2:

Support effective recruitment and training of library student employees to enhance the success of the library and to foster their academic, professional, and personal growth.

Measures: E4, E5


Measure E1:

UC Merced Library annual participation in staff training/professional development will be maintained at or above the level of previous year.

Responsibility: Eric Scott

Measure E2:

The library will host at least three in-service activities for library staff during the fiscal year.

Responsibility: Eric Scott

Measure E3:

When surveyed about their satisfaction with the training and professional development opportunities they receive, at least 75% of library staff will report that they are "satisfied" or "highly satisfied."

Responsibility: Eric Scott

Measure E4:

100% of student employees will receive the following minimum amount of training, which will be tracked.

   - 4 hours of classroom training

   - 4 hours of additional individual training

   - 4 hours of coaching per year

   - complete a post-training assessment

A 90% attendance and completion rate will be considered successful.

In addition, public service student employees will complete all Question of the Week assignments.

Responsibility: Eric Scott

Measure E5:

The UC Merced Library will achieve a retention rates among student employees of 85% (excluding students who separate due to graduation, transfer, or by otherwise separating from the university). 

Responsibility: Eric Scott