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Management Communication

Citing Articles in UC Library Search

An article citation might be available in UC Library Search.  This search tool includes basic citing capability.

  • Search for the article.
  • If found, click on the article title.
  • Click on Citation.
  • Click on the citation format needed. (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Turabian are available.)
  • Copy and paste the citation.
  • Note: There is also a RefWorks export.

Citing articles in databases

To cite an article found in an EBSCOhost database:

  • When you've found an article you want to cite, look to the right side of the screen. You'll see a row of icons. Choose the "Cite" icon. It looks like a page with writing on it.

  • Clicking "Cite" will take you to a menu with article citations in various formats. Scroll down to find the citation format you want, then copy the citation you need to a document.

To cite an article found in a ProQuest database:

  • When you've found an article you want to cite, look to the upper right corner of the webpage. You'll see a "Cite" button.

  • Clicking the "Cite" button will open a small box with a menu from which you can choose the citation in the format you wish. Copy to a document.


Citation guides at UC Merced

ALWAYS ask your instructor if she or he prefers or requires a particular citation format for any written project produced at UC Merced. Many instructors will prefer that you use the citation format most commonly used in a particular discipline. Others may not have a preference. But all of them will want you to stick to a single citation format once you've decided which you'll use.

The OWL at Purdue

APA Formatting and Style Guide - OWL at Purdue

It's a good idea to check the accuracy of the citations one retrieves from UC Library Search and databases against the style guides available from the OWL -- Online Writing Lab -- at Purdue University. The APA Style Guide will also help you with in-line citing, book and book chapter citations, and citation formatting for other resources. Two particularly important formats are below, and linked here:

  • Article from an online periodical with DOI assigned
  • Article from an online periodical with no DOI assigned

These two formats will cover almost all citations found in UC Library Search and databases.

Library Workshop Recordings

From time to time, the Library offers workshops on citation formatting and bibliographic citation managers. Some of these workshops are recorded and available from the Library's website. Here's a list of workshop recordings:

Useful LibGuides

Citing Sources by Sara Davidson Squibb