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Writing 118 (Maharaj)

Management Communication

Finding Known Items - Suggestions

If you have a known item, it can be helpful to first determine what the item is e.g. article, book, pamphlet, song, dissertation etc.  At times, this may influence where you look for the item.

1) UC Library Search

  • includes a wide range of formats and goes beyond UC's collection
  • can Request easily from records in this catalog

2) Google Scholar

  • includes many articles and references to books, a quick way to check for article titles though it is not exhaustive
  • includes citations from JSTOR

3) Journal Search at UC Library Search

  • includes coverage details for periodicals (newspapers, journals, and magazines)

4) HathiTrust Digital Library

  • citations and some full-text, search a large collection of digitized books etc.
  • a Title search is available
  • pre-1923 content available in full-text
  • may end up in HathiTrust from UC Library Search

LibWizard Finding a Known Item Tutorial

Finding a Known Item


1. Connect to the campus network via the VPN if you are off-campus.  You will need this connection to access one or more library databases while taking the tutorial.

2. Take the short quiz at the end of the tutorial.  Enter your email address AND your professor's email address. Afterwards locate the email confirmation. These emails often go to your SPAM folder, so be sure to check there.  It is often easiest to search in your email account for the phrase "Certificate of completion" to find your email confirmation.

3. You are ready! Click on the link below to start the tutorial. Follow the instructions on the left hand of the screen and, as directed, complete activities in the main screen (right).

Finding a Known Item >>

Known Items

Try it Out:  Do we have these resources?

1) Harrison, Mark, "The Economics of World War II: Six Great Powers in International Comparison", Cambridge University Press (1998).

2) Kerin, Roger A, Steven W. Hartley, and William Rudelius. Marketing. Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2009.

3) Larsen, Hanne H. Cases in Marketing. London: Sage Publications, 1997.

4) "International Subscontracting and the Production of Athletic Footwear" by R. Barff, J Austen from Environment and Planning A, 1993 volume 25 (8) 1103 – 1114

5) "Does Monitoring Improve Labor Standards-Lessons from Nike"by RM Lock, F Qin, A Brause from Industrial and Labor Relations Review Vol 61, No. 1, October 2007 pg. 3-31