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Writing 118 (Maharaj)

Management Communication

Business Source Complete

You can find information on just about any industry in Business Source Complete (BSC) just by searching for the name of the industry and adding "industry" to your search. For example: "pet food industry," "airlines industry," "hospitality industry." You may also want to use BSC's internal limiter to find industry profiles from MarketWatch and Barnes Reports. Once you've retrieved a list of search results, look to the left side of the screen for "Source Types." Limit your search to Industry Profiles, Market Research Reports, or trade publications.



Industry profiles in IBISWorld can be retrieved with simple keyword searches. For example, if you're thinking of bringing a new product to market that improves solar power, try a simple search for "solar." Be sure to look at the "Industry at a Glance," "Industry Outlook," "Products and Markets," and "Major Companies" sections in the menu on the left of the page for each industry.

The down arrow at the end of each section will give you pointers to additional information.