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Biology 150 (Beaster-Jones, Fall 2022)

Developmental Biology Laboratory

Today's Outcomes:

By the end of our library session you will be able to ...

  • identify and use relevant scientific databases to locate review articles and original research articles.
  • use database functionality to your advantage e.g. limiters (date, article type), sorting, etc. to produce targeted & relevant results.
  • access cited and cited by literature.
  • use RefWorks to format your in-text citations and bibliography.


Database Poll

What Databases have you used?
Google: 3 votes (10%)
Google Scholar: 18 votes (60%)
Academic Search Complete: 4 votes (13.33%)
Pub Med: 3 votes (10%)
Web of Science: 0 votes (0%)
ScienceDirect: 1 votes (3.33%)
Other?: 1 votes (3.33%)
Total Votes: 30