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Anthropology 179 (Torres)

ANTH 179 - Bioarchaeology


Overall Goals

  • determine if your research question is researchable.
  • locate literature (including data) that is relevant to your research question.

By the end of today's session, you will be able to

  • create and revise effective search strategies to explore research interests.
  • access and search specific online journals related to the discipline of bioarchaeology.
  • search databases to find relevant articles based on your research question(s).
  • identify the benefits and drawbacks of searching within specific journals articles versus searching in databases.
  • locate background information on your culture, time period etc.


Session Outline

Part I: Keywords & Background Info

  • Generating keywords from research questions.
  • Locating key words from background sources.

Part II: Journal Searching

  • Access & search specific journals
  • Activity (1st part)

Part III: Database Searching

  • Activity (2nd part)
  • Reflection - What are the pros and cons of each strategy?

Part IV: Independent Searching

  • Search in one or more journal, database etc. to determine if your research question is researchable.


Librarian Contact

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Olivia Olivares
Kolligian Library
KL 260
(209) 285-7742