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Anthropology 179 (Torres)

ANTH 179 - Bioarchaeology

Anthropology Journals

Use the Journals tab in the library search box (upper right) to search for a specific journal title.  If UC Merced subscribes to the journal, you can obtain additional information about ...

  1. dates of coverage and
  2. where you can access it online.

Note: Almost all of our journal coverage at UC Merced is online.

Journals are Indexed

An index points to something.

Databases index (aka inventory, record, catalog) resources including article citations in journals

Databases point to resources and may (or may not) include the full-text.


Amer Journal of Physical Anthropology cover

is indexed in

web of science brand

Types of Databases

Some of our databases are CITATION ONLY databases while others are FULL-TEXT databases.  Others are combination of CITATIONS ONLY and FULL-TEXT.

Sample Databases

screenshot Anthropology Plus