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Anthropology 170 (Perez): Searching - Advanced

Ethnographic Methods

Use Subject Headings



Take advantage of "tagging"in databases.  Look for how a book or article is being describe.  Click on hyperlinked Subjects to run new searches OR use the subject terminology in your own searches.

See examples of Subject tagging of The Kurds: A People in Search of Their Homeland in Melvyl.

book cover the Kurds  subject headings - Kurds

Limit to a Field



Limit one or more of your search terms to a specific field.  This can be especially useful if results are too large or seem irrelevant.  For example, you can choose to search for important terms in the Title field. 

screenshot of fielded searching

Connected Literature



Found a useful article or book?  Find out what other scholars have since cited that work.  Use a search tool like Web of Science of Google Scholar to located Cited By information.

See the Cited By tab on this guide for more details.

times cited screenshot