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Elevate Your News Evaluation

Visit the library's spring 2017 exhibit on the 2nd floor.

Lesson Plans

Avoiding Fake News (UC Merced Library)

Through this lesson, students will corroborate information to determine source credibility and identify characteristics of credible sources.

Evaluating News Articles (UC Merced Library)

Through this jigsaw activity, students will assess an article's accuracy and bias based on a variety of factors.  They will discover the importance of corroborating information, by comparing three articles in small groups, and recognize that they need to consider many factors when evaluating news articles.

Evaluating Claims: Facebook Edition (@ Community of Online Research Assignments)

This lesson has students use credible sources to support or debunk a claim (pseudoscientific claim or conspiracy theory).  Students are required to explain why the sources they are using are credible.  Details available at CORA site.

Evaluating News Sites: Credible or Clickbait? (@ Community of Online Research Assignments)

Students compare two articles, one from Reuters and another from BiPartisan Review, reporting on the same event.  They compare how the content is presented in order to determine its credibility.  Details available at CORA site.