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Zotero - Citation Management Software

Using Zotero

The following videos introduce you to Zotero and its functionality in 2 ways -- through a 50min recorded workshop, and through chunked videos about different aspects of using Zotero.  To start familiarizing yourself with Zotero, try the following activities after each segment. Videos are linked here or scroll below to see the embedded versions.


Using Zotero to Manage Your Research (Workshop Recording) (~50:00)

Shorter Videos:

Part 1: Introducing Zotero (5:17)

Part 2: Adding Citations to Zotero (13:08)

  • Activity: Locate two different history databases.  Search in those databases and add a couple of citations from each database into your Zotero account. Use the Zotero connector or the RIS import. 

Part 3: Editing Citations in Zotero; Using Tags & Notes (3:16)

  • Activity: Click on one or more citations in Zotero. Look at the citation data in the right-hand panel fields.  Add or clean-up data as needed. Try adding a Tag and Note to one of your citations.

Part 4: Writing and Citing in Word with Zotero (9:29)

  • Activity: Open Word on your computer.  Locate and load the Zotero tab. Click "Document Preferences" and "Manage Styles" to add Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full) -- or another style. Display citations as Footnotes. Then use Add/Edit Citation to add a couple footnotes.  When completed, click Add/Edit Bibliography to add the associated bibliography. 

Part 5: Using Zotero Web (3:10)

  • Activity: Log into Zotero web and locate your Web Library and the Groups function.

Managing Your Research With Zotero (Workshop)