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Leveraging Library Resources & Services in Writing Consultations

session for Peer Writing Consultants

Find a Known Item LibWizard Tutorial


Finding a Known Item

Recommended strategies for finding known items

Article Level Strategies

  1. Search for the article title in Google Scholar.  For full-text, try clicking on the article title OR look under More for UC-eLinks.
  2. Search for the article title in UC Library Search (library catalog). Look for the Get it at UC button or the request form.
  3. Search in Google.  You may be able to find it on the free web if it is open access or someone has posted it.
  4. Search for the article title in a major database in the article's subject area. This can be a little bit like a needle in a haystack!

Book Level Strategy

Titles to Locate

Do we have ...

  • The Practical Tutor by Meyer and Smith
  • The Everyday Writing Center by Geller
  • "Dimensions of Diversity: Peer Tutoring in Multi-Cutural Settting" by Okawa
  • "Developing Sound Tutor Training for Online Writing Centers: Creating Productive Peer Reviewers" by Breuch and Racine