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Leveraging Library Resources & Services in Writing Consultations

session for Peer Writing Consultants

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to

  • direct student peers to appropriate library resources (databases, catalogs, other resources) to meet the following research needs.
    • Background info
    • News
    • Secondary literature (articles, books)
    • Library Guides (e.g. course guides)
  • suggest useful search strategies to peers.
  • determine when to refer questions to library staff.
  • locate and understand available library reference services. 

Today's Outline

PART I: Exploring & Comparing Resources (30 minutes)

  • groups fill in the chart for their designated resource
  • debrief final questions as a larger group inc. common questions
  • access to resources

PART II: Locating Library Resources (10 min)

  • locating databases
  • locating library guides including Citing Sources

PART III: Search Strategies (10 min)

  • review activity
  • value of keywords & subjects

PART IV: Discussing Scenarios (20 min)

  • Groups address scenarios (2 per group).
  • Help OR Refer?

PART V: Reference Help (10 min)

  • 24/7 Chat
  • Research Consultation


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