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Writing for Engineering 119 (Bultena)

Researching Information Tools in Engineering

Regulations: Definition

Regulation: aka technical regulation

  • government document which outlines required characteristics of products and processes
  • often ensures adherence to legislation
  • compliance is mandatory
  • sometimes government bodies refers to these regulations as standards

Finding California Regulations


State - California

Finding Regulations

Federal Register: a daily publication of the U.S. federal government

  • include proposed and finalized regulations of federal agencies
  • published by the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

Federal Register - Official Version

  • Search > Advanced > Selected Federal Register in "Refine by Collection"
  • Document in context may provide the names of the agency/dept. you need

Federal Register - Unofficial Version

  • search seems easier
  • lists Agencies associated with your search terms
  • Types can include both Rules and Proposed Rules

Regulations are found in the Code of Federal Regulations. Search the Code in Nexis Uni.

#1 (Specific)

  • Under Guide Search, select "A Publication". 
  • In "Find Publication", type CFR and select CFR - Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Then add one or more search terms to "Search for something specific?"

#2 (Less Specific)

  • Conduct a search. 
  • Select "Administrative Codes and Regulations" at the far left.
  • Often you will retrieve, U.S. Federal Register documents.

California Code of Regulations

  • regulations, aka administrative law
  • rules and regulations by California state agencies
  • seems best to browse