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Writing 10: College Reading and Composition (49-Downey)

Spring 2024

Video: Selecting & Using Keywords

What advice does the narrator provide about selecting and using keywords in your searches?

* from Darrell W. Krueger Library, Winona State University (play until 2:50)

Keywords & Synonyms

Here is a chart with keywords and potential synonyms based on a revised research question from the Using & Selecting Keywords video.

RQ: How susceptible are young adults who use social media to spreading misinformation?
young adults teenagers adolescents youth high school students
social media social network* Facebook Instagram Tik Tok
misinformation truth in reporting disinformation propaganda fake news

Activity: Identify Keywords Individually

Goal: Generate keywords and synonyms for our own research question.


  1. Open the Spreadsheet linked below. Add your name to Column A, and your research question/topic to Column B.
  2. Add your keywords from your research question to Column C. 

WRI 10-49: (5:30 pm):


Take a look at your research question. It may be very broad or very narrow. How can you begin to craft it into a question that will guide your argument? We'll talk a bit about this in class :)