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Spark 001 - The Art of Attention (Varnot)

Library Session for The Art of Attention


By the end of this session, you will be able to

  • identify keywords from your research question (and generate more).
  • use basic search strategies adapted for Google Scholar & library databases.
  • use database functionality to refine searches and keep track of sources.

Library Session


Welcome (5 min.)

Part I: (15 min.)

  • Generating Keywords from Research Questions
  • Using Google Scholar; Google Scholar Demo

Part II: (15 min.)

  • Search Time: Google Scholar
  • Locate a potential resource

Part III: (15 min.)

  • Search Strategies for Library Databases AND/OR
  • Using U.S. Major Dailies; U.S. Major Dailies Demo

Part IV: (15 min.)

  • Search Time: U.S. Major Dailies
  • Locate a potential resource

Part V: (15 min.)

  • Debrief our search experience.
  • Other database options.
  • Respond to questions.

Conclude (5 min.)

  • Research Help
  • Exit Slip

Working Document

Selected Search Tools


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