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Spark 001 - The Art of Attention (Varnot)

Library Session for The Art of Attention

Lesson: Using Google For More Effective Searches

ACTIVITY: Searching in Google; Evaluating Information Tutorial

1) Complete this tutorial independently, or as a group in class. (~20 minutes)  This tutorial includes five embedded videos and follow-up questions.  Complete in a single browser session.  If completed individually, you will receive an email notification of completion.

  • Simple Google Search Tips
  • Find An Exact Phrase
  • Search Within A Site
  • Filter And Refine Your Google Search Results
  • Evaluating Sources To Find Quality Research

2) After completing this tutorial, your instructor may ask you to use Google to locate an article or website.  Consider if it fits your research interest and why you consider it to be credible. 

3) Your instructor may ask you to complete a research journal prompt after completing the tutorial and locating an article or website.   Journal prompts are located on this page.

Try Your Google Search Here!


Research Journal

Searching in Google; Evaluating Information

Consider the following questions as you write your reflection. 

  • How can Google be a valuable tool for academic research?
  • What are some advantages and disadvantages to using Google to locate information?
  • What search strategies were most useful to you as you used Google to find information on your topic? 
  • What article did you choose and what did you consider in selecting this as a relevant and suitable source?