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Searching in PubMed

A guide for using PubMed, the world's largest database for biomedical and health sciences literature.

Save, Email, Send To Options

Save, Email and Send To options are located directly above your search results. 

Each of these actions provide the option to send the:

  • Current page of results.
  • All results.
  • Selected results.

Save provides a txt or csv file download of results in various formats.

Email allows sharing of results in various formats via email.

Send To sends PubMed search results to the following locations:

  • Clipboard: a tool to store records temporarily to use within a single research session.
  • My Bibliography: a reference tool that helps you save your citations within your My NCBI dashboard.
  • Collections: a collection of records, to save indefinitely within your My NCBI dashboard.
  • Citation Manager: an external tool or platform for storing and organizing citations.  

To apply Send To options to My NCBI locations, make sure you are first logged in to your My NCBI account.