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Political Science 1 (Nicholson)

Introduction to U.S. Politics

News Wires

Newswire  -- a news agency/service which produces and distributes up-to-date news coverage from around the world to subscribing media organizations. 

  • Commonly known newswires are Associated Press (AP), Reuters (Thomson Reuters), and Bloomberg.  Newswires can be industry specific such as Businesswire. 
  • "Wire copy" is regularly published in newspapers which subscribe to this service. 
  • Newswire content includes press releases. 
  • Journalists may use newswires to monitor trends, generate story ideas, or check facts.


Newswire (Your Dictionary), a definition of newswire along with information on how they work and the benefits

High wires (The Economist, Feb 2009), information on the workings of newswires

News Agency (aka newswire) (Wikipedia), article defining and identifying newswires

How Journalists Use Newswires (VITIS Public Relations), identify the value of newswire services to journalists

Investigating Your News Sources

Media Bias Fact Check (MBFC News) 

  • At Search > Dedicated Media Search, type in a news publication, e.g. CNN, to learn more about its reporting and bias. 
  • This independent online media outlet classifies news sources into five categories: least biased, left-center bias, right-center bias, left bias and right bias. 
  • MBFC explains how it determines bias in its Methodology section.


  • Select Bias and then search the list for a specific news source.  AllSides determines its bias ratings through blind surveys, third party data, and community feedback.
  • Under News, view a current news topic with reporting from center, left and right leaning news sources. AllSides also classifies news sources into categories: center, lean left bias, lean right bias, left bias and right bias.
  • This is an interactive news and educational site with a bias rating system intended to help news consumers see and understand different perspectives. 

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