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Political Science 1 (Nicholson)

Introduction to U.S. Politics

Congressional Publications

Cite a Bill (unenacted) APA Style Cornell University Library

Cite a Bill - MLA Style Cornell University Library

Congressional Publications (ProQuest)

  • does not include citing functionality

The pages below list how to cite specific resources found in Congressional Publications (ProQuest).

Guides re: Citing

Citing Polls

Cite Public Opinion Poll Data (APA style)

  • from uOttawa

Cite iPoll (Roper) data

  • gives information on General Citation Format

Citing Pew Research Center findings

  • provides a model and then an example

Cite from ProQuest Platform

  1. Select articles of interest. Click on the title. 
  2. Click "Cite".
  3. Select the citation style you want from the drop-down menu.  Click Change.
  4. Copy the citations OR email, print, download etc.
  5. Click Done to remove the pop-up window.

cite in proquest

Cite from EBSCO Platform

Content searched on the EBSCO platform, such as Academic Search Complete, has the ability to create citations.

  1. Add items of interest to a folder.  Click Add to Folder.
  2. Go to Folder View.
  3. Select all.
  4. Click "Save as File".
  5. Select "Citations Format".
  6. Click "Save".
  7. Copy and past from the Reference List generated for you.  Note:  The database includes the permalinks underneath too.

create citations in Academic Search Complete


Cite from CQ Weekly

Some databases will create a citation in a selected number of citation style.  For example CQ Weekly has this option once you view an article.  Look for CiteNow!

CQ Weekly Cite Now