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Public Health 005 (Gonzalez)

Global Health

Goal & Outcomes

Research Poster Project: Examine a global health issue and discuss how it relates to the San Joaquin Valley (SJV). 

Session Outcomes:  You will be able to ...

  1. find health-related sources suitable for academic purposes.
  2. access a variety of information sources from databases and search tools.
  3. identify key characteristics of AMA style.

Databases - focus on scholarly sources

Databases - mix of sources

Databases - quality reference sources

Sample titles found in CREDO:

  • Encyclopedia of Health Services Research
  • Harvard Medical School Commentaries on Health
  • The Encyclopedia of Aging
  • Global Social Issues: An Encyclopedia
  • Dictionary of Microbiology & Molecular Biology

Sources - focused on government and organizations

Databases - newspaper focused

Databases - stats focused

Library Instructor

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Joe Ameen
Library Office: KL 267B


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