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Curating a Digital Project Using Omeka: Defining Rights

Using Omeka to curate a digitized collection and create an online exhibit.

Copyright and Terms of Use

What does copyright cover? (More info)

  • Original work of authorship
  • Expression fixed in a tangible medium
  • Creative work, including literary, musical, dramatic, choreographic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, audiovisual, & architectural works

It is important to state the copyright status of your digital objects and any restrictions on use, and include:

  • how to obtain permission for restricted uses (contact info for rights holders should be kept even if not publicly available)
  • how to cite the material for allowed uses
  • whether the resoruce is published or unpublished
  • who the creator and rights holder is if known

This may be documented at the collection level, or at and individual object level.

"Rights metadata has the distinction of being the only legally enforceable type of metadata." (NISO Framework for Building Good Digital Collections, p 82)