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Curating a Digital Project Using Omeka: Organizing Your Collection

Using Omeka to curate a digitized collection and create an online exhibit.

Establish a Descriptive File and Dataset Naming Convention

A consistent convention will help you easily identify your files and what they contain. Use abbreviated descriptive information such as

  • project
  • content or parameter
  • location, date and/or time (yyyymmdd for easy sorting; hhmmssTZD for time)
  • version number (establish numbering system for versions)

Use numbers, letters, dashes, underscores. Do not use spaces or special characters. Stay concise to be practical.

File Formats

Best Practices:

  • Accessible in the future, non-proprietary, commonly used by research community
  • Unencrypted and uncompressed,
  • Not proprietary use: PDF not Word, XML or RDF not RDBMS, CSV not XLS