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JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments): Science Education - Tests

JoVE Tests

Test can be created for individual videos available in the Science Education component.

Creating Tests

  1. Look for "Create a JoVE Test" option at the top of a video. e.g. Newton's Laws of Motion
  2. Sign-In to Your JoVE Account.  (If needed, go to "Log In" at upper right to create an account first.)
  3. Choose to include or exclude questions with the toggle switch underneath each question.
  4. You have an option to add your own questions -- up to 50.  You can add a file e.g. a graphic with your question.
  5. "Click "Save and Approve". *If you don't "Save and Approve" immediately, this will be saved to Draft.
  6. Add emails from your class list. Separate those names with a comma.
  7. You can add a personal message to students about the test.
  8. Set a deadline. 
    • Before the deadline, students will know how many they got right/wrong. 
    • After the deadline, students can see the correct answers.
  9. Click "Send Test".
  10. Results will show in your portal and can be exported.


How to Create a JoVE Test (4:08)