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JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments): How-To Resources

JoVE Content in Canvas (CatCourses)

To set-up JoVE Content within Canvas, consider the following three methods:

  1. Embedding JoVE Videos | Video Tutorial
  2. Loading a Common Cartridge File with JoVE Content | Video Tutorial
    • for video and associated text
  3. Loading a QTI File with JoVE Quiz Content | Video Tutorial
    • for quizzes

Detailed instructions are available in this short PDF guide: Setting up JoVE Content with Canvas.



Thanks to Jessica Gazzola at Duquesne University for permission to use content from her JOVE libguide for tabs: Video Journal - Series and Science Education - Series.

JoVE Introduction

Video -- Introducing JoVE (19:20)

  • This video is a brief introduction for faculty and graduate student researchers to resources offered in JoVE.
  • The time markers for video content are listed below the video.



Video Time Markers

  • 00:00 – 00:39 JoVE Introduction
  • 00:40 – 03:59 Video Journal (About & Navigation)
  • 04:00 – 06:29 Searching JoVE content
  • 06:30 – 08:32 Science Education (Subject Series)
  • 08:33 – 13:07 Science Education (Create Tests)
  • 13:08 – 15:32 Science Education (Lab Manuals)
  • 15:33 – 17:12 Science Education (CORE)
  • 17:13 – 19:20 Additional Resources & Contact Information