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GASP 156E (DePrano)

Italian Renaissance Art 156

Scholarly Books

Scholarly books (or monographs) are peer reviewed (or referred).  They have been evaluated by one or more specialists before publication.  These titles are often published by university presses (University of North Carolina Press), scholarly associations (Royal Society of Chemistry), but include other reputable presses/publishers/imprints (Wiley-Blackwell, Routledge).  Like scholarly articles, scholarly books will include citations and be written by experts in the field of study.

Sample Scholarly Titles

If you are unsure is a press or organization is academic, you can search for the name e.g. Phaidon with the word about.  You may have to add the word publisher or publishing.

For a better view, visit the Japan Style record in UC Library Search.  Click on "Details" when you reach the record.

Sample Record from UC Library Search

Example of a book with publisher information; one publisher is University of Washington Press

For a better view, visit the Designed for Pleasure record in UC Library Search.  Click on "Details" to jump to the Details which includes publisher information.