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GASP 156E (DePrano)

Italian Renaissance Art 156

Creating an ARTSTOR Account

Collections from museums available in ARTstor

Logging into ARTSTOR gives you access to all the database's features.

  • To create an account, click here.
  • Click Log In (at upper right).
  • At the "Log in through your Institution" section, type in Merced.
  • Select University of California, Merced from the drop down menu.
  • Click Log In.
  • Log in with your UCMnetID and password.
  • Authenticate with Duo.
  • Once logged in, your email address will appear in the upper right.

Book (Indexes) - Point to Images

These print titles are indexes that will point you to images.

Key Features in ARTSTOR

Use Advanced Search (the link is under the Search box)

  • Limit to Italy in the Geography section.
  • Limit to a specific Date range e.g. 1300 CE to 1550 CE

Though you can change "In Any Field" to Style or Period, A search for renaissance in the Style or Period field (rather than the "In Any Field" option) will pull up items tagged with Period: Renaissance. However, many of the items are NOT tagged with Style or Period so sometimes you can miss objects you might really want to see!

Advanced Search Screenshot in ArtStor


See buttons to right of image.

  • Download an image.
  • Cite This Item in APA, MLA, or Chicago.
  • Copy provides a URL to return you to the object.

Item Details (or metadata) are located at the right of the image.