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Using Images with Confidence

Understand concepts like copyright, fair use, public domain, and Creative Commons licenses to ethically use images in projects

Images & Their Licenses

ACTIVITY 1: Visit the hyperlinks below to view images.

  • What usages are permitted?
  • Is there licensing information?

Sample Images

  1. Mt. Fugi Illustration (
  2. CGI-Abstract-4789 (openverse)
  3. Two Test Tubes (
  4. 10 meter platform diving finals, 1984 Olympics (
  5. Road Map of California ... (
  6. smile face (
  7. The Citadel of Cairo, residence of Mehemet Ali (
  8. clock vector graphics (

ACTIVITY 2: Visit the image collections or search tools below. Try a search for a desired keyword.

  • What kind of license(s) are applied to the images in this search tool? Where have you found this information?
  • Can you limit your search to a specific license type?

Sample Collections

  3. AP Newsroom (library database, VPN required if off-campus)
  4. flickr
  5. Google Advanced Image search
  6. ArtSTOR (library database, VPN required if off-campus)