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Using Images with Confidence

Understand concepts like copyright, fair use, public domain, and Creative Commons licenses to ethically use images in projects

Workshop Outcomes

You will be able to ...

  • locate usage/licensing information on images.
  • find images for use in course projects.
  • interpret usage information, including Creative Commons licenses.

Key Questions

How can I be an ethical user of information (e.g. photographs, images)? How do I know if I can use an image in my work?

Before using an image for a specific purpose, look for information that indicates how the image can be used and if there are any restrictions. 

  • Images may be copyrighted. Use is restricted. Permission from the information creator or licensor is required before the image can be used. Payment may be required.
  • Images may be assigned a license. Creative Commons (CC) licenses are often used. Information creators select rules for how their images (or other work) can be used. Other licenses may be created that are not CC licenses.
  • Images may be in the Public Domain or assigned a Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license (known as a Public Domain dedication). Information creators may choose to waive their rights and opt-out of copyright by assigning a CCO license to their work. This information may be used without restriction.

image of copyright symbol, creative commons, and public domainsee Nelli's "The Creative Commons Licenses" post

Workshop Recording

This recording (~30 minutes) leads you through this guide's content.