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Water in California: Virtual Collaboration Tools

Guide to support Quantitative Assignment #2

Establishing Time Estimates

csuf assignment calendar Assignment Research Calculator

This valuable time management tool can help calculate the amount of time needed to complete a research project. Shared with UCM by Monica Fusich of the Henry Madden Library at Cal State University, Fresno

Research Project Calculator Logo Research Project Calculator

A similar tool for generating project timelines, developed for Minnesota secondary students, which includes presentation annd video assignment project types in addition to a research paper.

Additional Tools

Project Management & Collaboration Tools

Asana: A task-centered, "agile" approach to team project management. Integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox for file sharing.

       Box offers enterprise cloud storage with sync to multiple devices and goes a step beyond Dropbox with the ability to track versions of files and more finely manage/assign documents to other people.

DropboxDropbox is a storage and collaborative file management tool. It can sync across devices, and to other applications like Asana and Trello, and many more. the more you share it and usse it, the more free space you acquire.

  evernote       Evernote: This note-taking tool syncs across devices helps get you organized for free. Files can be shared, collaborative tasks require the fee-based version. Integrates with Remember the Milk for task management.

Color Google Drive IconGoogle Drive : Create and share documents, presentations and more; sync them among mobile and desktop devices.

LabGuru is cloud-based software for running a (life sciences)
research group and provides an online space to compile papers, images, protocols and share with team.   

milkRemember the Milk - free task manager can help you get organized with its simple set-up of to-do lists. You can add tasks through e-mail or even with Siri!

 Teambox  Teambox: Free up to 5 users. Manage tasks, content (with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox support) and communicate in real-time.

Trello Trello: A collaborative tool that allows one to create a visual board (based on "kanban approach")
for organizing your project using "cards" for tasks, ideas, issues.