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Quantitative & Systems Biology 251 (Manilay)

Where are we at?

How comfortable are you finding, using and citing research articles?
Totally comfortable: 1 votes (10%)
I can do it: 4 votes (40%)
It's not the easiest: 1 votes (10%)
I could use a little help sometimes: 3 votes (30%)
I feel lost: 1 votes (10%)
It is the worst: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 10
What do you wish you were better at?
Finding relevant articles: 2 votes (18.18%)
Citing Sources: 2 votes (18.18%)
Managing your articles and sources: 2 votes (18.18%)
Searching, generally: 0 votes (0%)
Writing: 1 votes (9.09%)
A few of the above: 1 votes (9.09%)
All of the above: 3 votes (27.27%)
Total Votes: 11
What do you use to manage your citations (papers)?
RefWorks: 4 votes (33.33%)
Zotero: 2 votes (16.67%)
EndNote: 2 votes (16.67%)
Mendeley: 2 votes (16.67%)
Something else: 1 votes (8.33%)
I keep it in my head: 0 votes (0%)
I don't really organize my citations: 1 votes (8.33%)
Total Votes: 12
What are you most interested in getting out of today?
Developing and using keywords: 3 votes (25%)
Knowing where to look for different types of information: 4 votes (33.33%)
Using the databases: 2 votes (16.67%)
Managing citations: 3 votes (25%)
Something else: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 12

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"My NCBI is a tool that retains user information and database preferences to provide customized services for many NCBI databases. It allows you to save searches, select display formats, filtering options, and set up automatic searches that are sent by e-mail. My NCBI includes other features that help you save your citations and manage peer reviewed article compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy (My Bibliography), and create an online professional profile (SciENcv)."

Retrieved from where you can find a PDF containing more information about My NCBI.