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Public Health 112 (Burke)

Research Methods Public Health

Workshop Prep Instructions

Dear Public Health 112 Students,

I'm Elizabeth Salmon, Research Services Librarian and Library Liaison to Public Health. On Tues 10/26, I am joining your class to provide an overview of research techniques and resources to support your PH 112 projects. 

Before 10/26, please:

  1. Set up the VPN (if you haven't already.)
    1. Connecting to the VPN allows you to access Library resources from off campus. See UC Merced VPN Installation Instructions (all devices) for instructions. Problems with installing or connecting? Contact OIT.
  2. Complete the PubMed: Intro to Basic Searching tutorial. You will need to move around your browser tabs to view the tutorial and PubMed at the same time.  
  3. Watch the video about Article Networks in Google Scholar

In total, this workshop prep will take about 10 minutes to complete. During our session, we will begin with a review of the tutorial and the video. Looking forward to working with you all next week, Elizabeth

LibWizard PubMed: Intro to Basic Searching Tutorial

PubMed: Intro to Basic Searching Tutorial

PubMed: Intro to Basic Searching Tutorial


1. Connect to the campus network via the VPN if you are off-campus.  You will need this connection to access one or more library databases while taking the tutorial.

2. Take the short quiz at the end of the tutorial.  Enter your email address AND your professor's email address. Afterwards locate the email confirmation. These emails often go to your SPAM folder, so be sure to check there.  It is often easiest to search in your email account for the phrase "Certificate of completion" to find your email confirmation.

3. You are ready! Click on the link below to start the tutorial. Follow the instructions on the left hand of the screen and, as directed, complete activities in the main screen (right).

PubMed: Intro to Basic Searching >>

Article Networks in Google Scholar (Video Tutorial)

Discover how to connect to forward article networks (Cited By information) in Google Scholar.  Also used Related Articles links to find relevant resources. (1:38)