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English 155 (Hatton): Databases

Research Note

You may find a small number of resources that touch on all aspects of your topic.  A more likely scenario is that you will find resources that address one aspect of your topic etc.  You will take these separate resources and craft new insights or knowledge.



Film Databases


Hathi Trust

Some print books that are currently unavailable from the library can be accessed through our Hathi Trust Emergency Temporary Access agreement.

To take advantage of this temporary expanded access:

  1. Visit HathiTrust Digital Library and click the yellow “LOG IN” button.

  2. Select “University of California, Merced” and log in using your UCMNetID.

  3. Search the HathiTrust digital library to locate the item you wish to view. (Be sure to choose the Catalog search option—not the “Full-text” option—in order to access all the books available via HT ETAS.)

  4. Click on the Temporary Access link at the bottom of the record to Check Out the item through the Emergency Temporary Access Service.

You can view the materials from anywhere with an internet connection—no VPN or special setup is required. (Please read this user guide for detailed instructions on accessing the materials from your computer.)

This ten-minute video (available via YouTube) demonstrates how to search for and access books available via HT ETAS.