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Anthropology 110 (DeLugan)

Migration, Disapora, and Transnational Belonging


You will be able to ...

  • identify suitable search tools (databases) and resources.
  • construct and refine basic searches.
  • use subject searching to find additional resources.
  • understand how to access information (articles, books).
  • export citations to RefWorks to easily manage resources.

from ANTH 110 (fall 2017) "Conduct independent library-based research on a topic related to nation-building, national belonging, migration, diaspora, and transnationalism."

Research Assignment - Two Options

Option 1: Investigate how a contemporary nation is represented (national culture and identity) and how the nation's experience of migration ("in" or "out") and/or transnational dynamics influence ideas about the nation. 

Option 2: From anywhere in the world, explore the contemporary diasporic or transnational experience of an ethnic population.

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Library Instructor

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Olivia Olivares
Kolligian Library
KL 260
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