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Writing 117-01 (Winek, Spring 2024)

Where to find the guide

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Session Goals

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • identify databases appropriate for finding information related to your subculture and field study
  • construct database searches using various search strategies to find relevant information
  • send citations information from the ProQuest platform to RefWorks.
  • locate ongoing assistance for your research needs

This session is intended to support you in completing your research proposal. 

Research is a Process (Infographic)

Research is an iterative process. Instead of straightforward and linear, it is repetitive and cyclical. As you move through the steps to learn, you should modify and revise your strategies. Don't be afraid to return to an earlier step to reset your process!Research is a Process infographic; follow the long description link for a web accessible version

Long description of "Research is a Process" for web accessibility