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Writing 117 (Gingold): Welcome!

Session Goals

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • identify databases appropriate for finding information related to your subculture and field study
  • construct database searches using various search strategies to find relevant information
  • send citations information from the ProQuest platform to RefWorks.
  • locate ongoing assistance for your research needs

This session is intended to support you in completing your research proposal. 

Session Pathway


1. Access Reminder

  • VPN
  • UC-eLinks

2. Types of Articles

  • Determining the differences between popular, research, and review articles

3. Search Strategies 

  • AND/OR
  • phrase searching
  • truncation
  • fields
  • limiters (article type, methodology, etc.) 
  • thesaurus/subjects
  • proximity/near

4. In the Databases

  • Use strategies
  • Export citation data
  • Access articles (Immediate or Interlibrary Loan)

5. Searching

  • Exploring your own topics

6. Revisit Challenges

  • Research assistance
  • Debrief


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