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Writing 10 (Shanley): Library Welcome & Zoom Details

College Reading & Composition

You're Invited!

Our library session will take place on Monday, July 20th at 3:00 pm via Zoom. The Zoom Room will be live by 2:50pm.  You will need to use your UC Merced email / Zoom account to enter.

Click on the following link to join our Zoom meeting.

alternate phone numbers: US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 346 248 7799

  1. You should have a webcam and a microphone to participate in class. At a minimum, you will need a microphone. Most laptops have built-in microphones and webcams.
  2. We will also be using the internet during the session to locate library resources. Please ensure that you can connect to the VPN prior to our session. See the Pre-Activities tab on this guide for more VPN information. 
  3. See the Pre-Activities tab on this guide for two tutorials to complete prior to our session together. 

This is not remote learning meme


Using Zoom

We will start class with a review of Zoom tools. Here's a brief introduction if Zoom is new to you.

Once you're in Zoom, your interface will include a black menu bar at the bottom (or top) of your screen. The menu offers a number of options:


  • Mute / Unmute - controls your personal audio
  • Stop Video / Start Video - controls whether or not your webcam is live
  • (Manage) Participants - click on this to see who else is on Zoom (and whether or not their audio / video is enabled)
  • Chat - where you can type in a question, comment, or response; see other comments from peers
  • Leave Meeting / End Meeting - at the close of class, you will leave the meeting; end meeting is only available to the Zoom host