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Writing 10 (Rios)

College Reading & Composition

Identify Keywords in a Research Question

What are the keywords you would select for this research question? Select your answer and click Submit.

What policies are effective in creating affordable housing and reducing housing inequities?
policies, effective, inequities: 7 votes (25.93%)
policies, affordable housing: 4 votes (14.81%)
policies, effective, affordable housing: 15 votes (55.56%)
reduce, housing inequities: 1 votes (3.7%)
Total Votes: 27

Identify Keywords & Synonyms for Your Research Question

Return to the Google spreadsheet for your section and find your name and research question. Add your keywords to Column C.  You can also add any synonyms to Column D.

Spreadsheet for WRI 10-13

Spreadsheet for WRI 10-69