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Spanish 103 (Torda): Google Académico

Spanish Composition & Conversation

Google Académico

You have two options for finding Spanish language results in Google Scholar.

Option 1

  • Go to Google Académico directly.
  • Change the default from finding results "in any language" to finding results written "only from pages in Spanish."

Option 2

  • Open a new window in Google Scholar.
  • Hover over the hamburger (three lines) menu icon on the left side.
  • Select the Settings gear icon.
  • Find & click on Languages on the left.
  • Where it says "For Google text...", change the default from English to Spanish.
  • Under where it says "For Search Results," choose "Search only for pages written in these language[s]" and select Spanish.


Consejos para usar Google Académico

¿Qué es Google Académico?

  • Google Scholar allows you to search for scholarly articles, patents, legal documents, theses, and more.
  • Compare the Google vs. Google Scholar searches below.
    • Sample Google search for bobcats.
    • Sample Google Scholar search for bobcats.
  • When in Google Académico, you will want to search for your key concepts in Spanish but keep Boolean operators in English.
    • Example: (nutrición OR "hábitos alimentarios") AND estudiantes AND universidad

Google Académico y la VPN

If you're connected to the VPN when searching in Google Scholar, you can gain access to articles available at UC Merced via UC-eLinks. You will first need to click on the double arrows (>>) under titles that may be of interest.