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Spanish 10: Artículos populares y eruditas

Spanish for Heritage Speakers I

Revistas Populares

Revistas Especializadas


Directorio de publicaciones seriadas Ulrichsweb Global

Not sure if an article is scholarly or popular?  Ulrichsweb has detailed information on more than 300,000 publications.  Enter journal/magazine title in the search box and find your publication.  Then, look for Academic/Scholarly in the Content Type field.

Try these titles:

  • Scientific American
  • Agronomy for Sustainable Development
  • Time

Ejemplo: Artículo erudita


  • This article describes the results of a study (it has a methods section, a results section, & description of how the study was carried out, etc)
  • There are lots of citations and references to other research
  • Charts and graphs illustrate the findings
  • The article was written by a researcher in this field

Ejemplo: Artículo popular


  • The article tells a story (introducing us to particular people telling us about their lives, etc.)
  • Lack of academic jargon / few references
  • Does not describe a study; rather is telling us about a program
  • No assumption that we already know a large amount about this topic