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Sociology 20 (Xiong)

Social Problems


Complete this short tutorial (~7 min) prior to the library session to become familiar with ways you can access the library's databases.

Understanding & Finding Databases for Sociology 20

Goals & Session Outline


By the end of this session, you will be able to

  • identify three resources for researching a social problem.
  • use basic search strategies, including filters, to locate relevant information in library databases.
  • create and save citations from library databases.
  • generate ideas for additional searches.
  • recognize the authority level of different information sources.

Introduction (5 min.)

Part I: Three Search Tips (10 min)

  • Key Words
  • AND/OR
  • Phrase Searching

Part II: Accessing 3 Databases ( 20 min)

  • Quick demos of each
  • Answer three questions for each

Part III: Independent Exploration with Your Key Words (20 min)

  • Record information
    • additional key words
    • groups experiencing the social problem
    • scholars/experts

Part IV: Source Authority (15 min)

Wrap-Up (5 min)

Getting Started

During today's session, open this guide.

This guide is also linked in your CatCourses course site under Pages.

Reference Book