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Sociology 191 (Almeida)

Research Strategies for Climate Justice in Newspaper Databases

Search Strategies

#1 Identify key words.

What climate justice and environmental justice protest events have taken place in California between 2000 and 2021?

  • climate justice | environmental justice
  • protest | protests | demonstrate | demonstrations | sit-in | march | rally


#2 Use "double quotes" around TWO or more words to search for a specific phrase. 

Phrase searches narrows your search.


  • "climate justice"
  • "environmental justice"


#3 Use a truncation, also called stemming, to include various word endings.

Truncation broadens your search. The truncations symbol is often an * (asterisk). An asterisk will work in both Newsbank: Access World News and Nexis Uni.

  • Example: demonstrat* will retrieve > demonstrate, demonstrates, demonstration, demonstrations, demonstrators ...


#4 Use Boolean operators AND/OR.

AND joins different concepts > narrows searches

OR joins similar concepts > broadens searches

Note: Similar concepts may not always be synonyms but could represent two different sides of an issue. Example: "air pollution" OR "air quality" OR "clean air"

Sample Search:

"climate justice" OR "environmental justice"


protest* OR  demonstrat* OR sit-in OR march

Sample Search:

"environmental protest*" OR "climate protest*"