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Sociology 100 (Van Natta): Intro

Sociological Theory

Getting Started

Hello! Thank you for having me today. Before we get started, please: 

1) Open this guide: & follow along.

2) In another tab, open the Library homepage:

Project Requirements

Edited Book Assignment

create a book that highlights different author’s unique perspective on a shared topic area

  • 4 scholarly journal articles on your topic of interest
    • each article should explore your topic from one of four different perspectives
    • articles apply a theoretical perspective to an empirical examination (i.e. empirical articles)
    • articles are written by contemporary scholars within the field
    • each scholar represents a different perspective 
      • Marxist, Weberian, Du Boisian, Durkeimian, etc.

Session Goals

By the end of this session, you will be able to ...

  • select and use databases to locate sources.
  • locate sources using a variety of research strategies:
    • keyword searching, author searching, field searching, using subject terms, hand searching, citation networking, etc. 
  • use database functionality to refine your search results.
  • leverage your knowledge of empirical articles and review articles to locate additional sources.

Library Instructor

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Elizabeth Salmon
KL 275
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