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Sociology 100: Sociological Theory (Van Natta)

Prior to the Library Research Workshop...

Welcome to the Sociology 100 guide for Meredith. Van Natta's class on Tuesday, Feb 6.

To prepare for class, please:

  1. watch the two videos below about article types and identifying empirical articles. 
    1. Be prepared to answer the questions listed for each video.
  2. set up the VPN (if you haven't already.)
    1. Click UC Merced VPN Installation Instructions (all devices) for instructions.
    2. Problems with installing or connecting? Contact OIT.

The workshop will begin with a review of the information presented in the video. Hope everyone's semester is off to a good start.

Cheers, Bronwen

Research vs. Review Articles


  1. What are the key differences between original (aka empirical) research articles and review articles? 
  2. How are original research articles and review articles similar? 


Identifying Empirical Articles


  1. What questions can help you determine if an article is an empirical research article?